My Sweet Rusinga Festival Date.

Have you ever been enchanted with someone that you eat, dream, and think about the person? But in most cases, it remains to be a case of infatuation and déjà vu moments.

Well, my crush is not necessarily a person, but a thing. …and I had an opportunity to tango with it, The Rusinga festival 2016.

The Rusinga festival celebrates the culture of the Abasuba community in Rusinga Island. The festival is always held just two days before Christmas, and as we all know Christmas holidays are the times of being happy and making merry. You also get the chance to meet folks in the village, and share with them the new trends from the city.

Guess what?

The festival is just held a few kilometers from my village, Sienga Beach even though I have not had the chance to attend the festival before. The long wait finally came to an end on 2016, when I got the chance to be with my crush. It was a dream come true. Capturing and delivering the images of the dances, tag of war and the boat race all felt so magical. It was the day I truly showcased my love for photography.

All in one lens, I was able to capture the excitement and the bliss that filled the atmosphere… I felt as if I made all that emotion and energy tangible. It was fulfilling to see the smiles on all the participant’s faces.

That was also when I realized that apparently, I am not the only Anthony Ochieng in the world. When my pictures went around the social media platform, one of my name sake who is in the tourism industry received phone calls on how his pictures were amazing. All he had to say was ‘’No that is not me, I am not even in the event’’. I have not met my namesake in person but through mutual friends I believe we have meet already


All I did that day was to show my crush how important it was, the beautiful, soothing and caring ‘Rusinga Festival’ was delivered through my images.

The images that were also featured by prominent bloggers like Owaah (Rusinga Festival photo essay 2016), William Magunga (Hitting Rusinga), Potentash (Travel: Immerse Yourself in the Magic of African Cultural Dances) and Bonita on safari (The 5th edition of Rusinga Cultural Festival). And I would say is to thank you all for delivering my love to the world in style.

It will always be a pleasure to take you for another date ‘Rusinga Festival’ Lets meet in December 2017